FuMA-Tech GmbH, St. Ingbert

FuMA-Tech GmbH, Gesellschaft für funktionelle Membranen und Anlagentechnologie mbH was founded in the year of 1994 in Sankt Ingbert (Germany). The company is engaged in the development and production of heterogeneous, microheterogeneous and homogeneous ion exchange membranes for processes like electrodialysis, membrane electrolysis and Donnan dialysis as well as sensors and separators.

As a member of the group of companies BWT AG, the leading technology concern in water treatment in europe, all classical separating processes and components are available.

In the future market „fuel cells and battery systems“ FUMATECH is world wide positioned as a competent partner for customers from the automobile industry, energy supply as well as the manufacturer of electronic devices. Products of FUMATECH are used in All Vanadium Redox Flow and zinc/air batteries as well as in different fuel cell applications like high temperature PEMFC, DMFC and water electrolysis. FUMATECH offers both time, fluorinated and non-fluorinated, hydrocarbon based, proton conducting materials for battery systems and PEM fuel cells.