Group Electrochemistry at DECHEMA

The fields of activities of the electrochemistry group of the DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut cover the whole spectrum from fundamental science to applied developments.

A focal point is the development of new organic syntheses and the elucidation of reaction mechanisms.

A further topic is the development of electrochemical methods for the treatment of process and potable water, e.g. by disinfection, desalination, elimination of micro-pollutants and recycling of resources. Examples are electrochemical switchable ion exchangers, electrochemical elimination of pharmaceutical residues and the development of functional surfaces with electrochemically controllable properties, e.g. membrane coatings with variable separation properties. The electrochemical action is based on the application of conducting polymers. The group has vast experience in fundamental research and the technical application of these polymers. Due to the limitation on resources and legal directives water treatment will also gain importance.

Furthermore the electrochemistry group is engaged in the research cluster “recovery of inorganic resources” where the competences for this field of research are pooled in an interdisciplinary manner. The cluster benefits from the interrelation between electrochemistry, technical chemistry, materials science and biotechnology.  It aims to develop innovative strategies for prospective industrial cycles and urban mining. Furthermore, the cluster deals with the possibility of substituting inorganic materials, whose extraction and recovery are expensive and harmful to the environment.