Project Funding

As of September, 28th 2010, the German Federal Government has presented its concept for an environmentally friendly, reliable and affordable energy supply.

Central elements of this concept are various quantitative targets, which aim for 2050 and line out the future energy supply of Germany.

Most important parameters to be found:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 80 to 95% against 1990 (2020: 40%)
  • Extension of renewable energy to a share of 60% of the gross end-use energy resp. 80% of the gross electricity consumption (2020: 40%)
  • Decrease of the primary energy consumption by 50% vs. 2008 (2020: 20%)

Main target of the “Förderinitiative Energiespeicher” is, to improve the collaboration between economy and science along the entire value chain, to ease international research cooperation and thus speed up the development of energy storage technologies in Germany.

The joint research projekt tubulAir± is being funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research starting on September, 1st 2012 over a project period of five years.

Furthermore tubulAir± is part of the lighthouse “Integration und Nutzung von Batteriesystemen in Verteilnetzen”. Within this lighthouse, various organizations collaborate theme-related both in basic and in applied research to foster the integration and use of batteries in electric grids.